Airline Interview & Simulator Assessment Preparation

We are a specialist provider of Airline Assessment Preparation Courses for Professional Pilots.
Our B737 Flight Simulator Centre is located in Swords, Dublin
Pre Study Material

Prior to arrival we provide you with a comprehensive study pack so that you arrive prepared for your simulator session.

Our study pack is the perfect walk-through guide for what you can expect at your Airline Interview Assessment.

Airline Specific Training

Airline Interview & Simulator Assessment Preparation is our area of expertise.

We have the latest up to date assessment profiles for many Airlines and have vast experience preparing cadets for Airline interviews.

Quality Instruction

We are highly regarded amongst cadet-pilots for our bespoke, professional, knowledge driven preparation sessions.

Since 2014 we have prepared thousands of pilots for Airline Assessment Interviews.

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Why you should do an Assessment Preparation Course:



MCC (Multi Crew Cooperation) and APS (Airline Pilot Standard) courses are designed to transition a cadet from a single pilot environment into a complex multi crew environment.The knowledge and skills attained during an APS-MCC will be of great benefit when you commence the Type Rating stage. 

However you first need to pass that all important Airline Interview! 

Assessment Preparation

In contrast to an MCC or APS courses Airline Simulator Assessments are normally conducted raw data (no flight directors) with no autopilot, and no Map Mode using a set of SOPs which are quite different from what you may have learned during your APS course.
This is a very different experience from your APS and this is where our tailored Assessment Preparation Courses can help you to bridge the gap .

Airline Interview

At the Airline Interview stage:
‣ MCC average pass rate 50%
‣ APS average pass rate 75%
Building on the knowledge & skills learned during your MCC our Airline Preparation sessions are an essential final step in getting you fully prepared for your Airline Interview.
Read on below to see why our Airline Assessment Course can help you make the difference in landing that all important Airline job...

What We Offer:

Our Airline Assessment Preparation Course is much more than a sim refresher.
We don't just want to help prepare you for your Airline Interview and Simulator Assessment! We understand that attending an interview assessment can be a stressful time. We want to remove as much of the hassle for you as possible so that you can present the best possible version of yourself during your interview. Let us take care of the small details so that you can relax and concentrate on your interview preparation.

Study Pack

Study Pack

To maximize your time with us we will email you our study pack prior to your arrival in Dublin.
Our study pack contains:
✓ 737NG Overview
✓ Pitch & Power Tables
✓ Step-by-Step Tutorial
✓ Assessment Briefing Guide
✓ Navtech/Jeppessen Plates
✓ Popular Interview Questions
✓ Sample Questions and Answers

Sim Session

Simulator Session

Your flight simulator preparation session will be specifically tailored to the Assessment profile of the Airline that you are interviewing with.
In general we will cover the following:
✓ SID with or without FDs
✓ General Handling exercises
✓ Steep turns 45° angle of bank
✓ NDB Hold techniques
✓ QDM/QDR Intercepts & tracking
✓ Position fixing exercises
✓ Raw Data ILS
✓ Single Engine ILS – (if required)
✓ Go-Around procedure
✓ Non-Normal / Emergency scenarios
✓ Any specific areas that you would like to focus on!


Accommodation Advice

We are based in Swords and have local knowledge of the most convenient places to stay. We can recommend a range of local accommodation providers from local hotels to guesthouses and Airbnb options to suit your needs and budget. 

Interview Q&A

Tech/HR Question Preparation

As part of your Airline Assessment Preparation Course we will test you on your technical knowledge and offer advice in dealing with tech questions as well as HR questions, offering you practical advice and simple techniques to help you during this portion of the interview process. Preparation is the key to success!


CRM Advice 

Airlines are looking for First Officers who possess a wide range of knowledge, skills, and attitudes including interpersonal communications, situational awareness, problem solving, decision making, and teamwork to crew their aircraft. Dealing with an emergency or abnormal situation during your simulator assessment presents you an excellent opportunity to display these competencies.
We will help to prepare you for this opportunity using NITS & DODAR / FORDEC / PIOSEE whichever decision making tools you were taught during your MCC or APS.

Where Am I

Situational Awareness

Maintaining SA is critical as it affects all decisions and actions taking place during the course of a flight - it is one of the key elements in pilot training for controlling and maintaining an aircraft. During a sim assessment you may be expected to fly a raw data NDB/ILS/DME approach without radar vectors.
We offer a popular navigation refresher, focusing on SIDs, QDM/QDR intercepts, NDB holds and position fixing (identifying your position on a chart).
Giving you simple and practical tips to execute these tasks during your sim assessment. 

Prior to your Simulator Session: 

All our packages begin with a comprehensive 1 hour Pre-Simulator briefing module which covers the following:


Assessment Overview

‣ What to expect at your Assessment
‣ Understanding what the Airlines are looking for
‣ Understanding how Airlines evaluate your performance

Tech & HR Refresher

‣ Brief quiz and some tips to get you warmed up for the real thing!

Navtech / Jeppessen Dep & App Plates Overview 

‣ Plates Overview
‣ Example Briefing
    Navtech Plates are becoming more popular amongst Europe Airlines and many are now using these plates during assessments which can be a little confusing to cadets who are more familiar with Jeppessen Plates.

Navigation Refresher

‣ QDM/QDR Tutorial
‣ NDB holding Refresher
‣ Position fixing exercises

Non-Normal Emergency Scenarios


Our Assessment Preparation Packages:



Single Pilot

  •     ‣ 1 Hour Pre-flight
  •     ‣ 2 Hour Simulator
  •     ‣ 3 Hours Total



Single Pilot

  •     ‣ 1 Hour Pre-flight
  •     ‣ 4 Hour Simulator
  •     ‣ 5 Hours Total



Single Pilot

  •     ‣ 1 Hour Pre-flight
  •     ‣ 6 Hour Simulator
  •     ‣ 7 Hours Total

  •     *optional over 2 days


Dual Pilot

  •     ‣ 1 Hour Pre-flight 
  •     ‣ 4 Hour Simulator
  •         • 2 Hour PF
  •         • 2 Hour PM
  •     ‣ 5 Hours Total



Dual Pilot

  •     ‣ 1 Hour Pre-flight
  •     ‣ 8 Hour Simulator
  •         • 4 Hour PF
  •         • 4 Hour PM
  •     ‣ 9 Hours Total
  •     *optional over 2 days


Dual Pilot

  •     ‣ 1 Hour Pre-flight
  •     ‣ 10 Hour Simulator
  •         • 5 Hour PF
  •         • 5 Hour PM
  •     ‣ 11 Hours Total
  •     *optional over 2 days

All prices are quoted inclusive of your instructor - no additional or hidden charges.
Dual Pilot pricing is based on two pilots sharing the cost and operating as PF & PM

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Airline Assesment Advice & Tips

Prior planning is key to a successful interview. Below is some advice & tips from on how to prepare for your Airline Interview and Simulator Assessment.

Know the Airline – fleet, routes, bases, key individuals, competitors…you will normally find plenty of up to date information on the Airlines corporate websites.
Revise your previous/current aircraft, for cadets focus on your previous aircraft - especially your Multi-Engine aircraft as it is normally the most complex aircraft you have flown and it gives the assessor a good opportunity to test your technical knowledge and understanding of the aircraft systems.
Anticipate the type of questions you might be asked and consider your answers, if English is not your first language practice your responses in English in advance.
Revise your ATPLs – Plan and set out study goals that work for you.
We will supply you sample questions and answers as well as popular interview questions in our study pack.

Practice your MCC briefings & profiles regularly, and when you get an interview opportunity; practice the airline specific assessment SOPs. Keep your scan sharp by practicing regularly; we understand that simulator refresher sessions are expensive, an affordable way to maintain your skills between your MCC and an Airline Assessment Preparation Course is to get a cheap joystick and fire up a desktop flight sim, or even to chair fly the procedures. Then when it comes to your preparation sessions you will have a decent scan and much more capacity to learn and retain the important techniques and tips for the big day.
Study and learn the exact profiles for the airline assessment and remember they may differ from your MCC or APS and indeed the airlines own actual real world SOPs– how efficiently you adapt to these new SOPs gives your pilot-assessor a strong indication of your trainability.
Understand that your assessor is not looking for perfection during the assessment; they are looking for well-trained pilots who can demonstrate a capacity to learn – trainability. The assessor understands that you are new to the aircraft type and expect that you will make some mistakes. They will be more interested to see how you respond and handle any errors as opposed to the initial mistake – try not to dwell on any mistakes, correct the situation and move on – you still have an aircraft to fly!
During your Simulator Assessment 737 MCC cadets are often paired with a cadet who has trained on another type. As a result your sim partner could be behind the aircraft – Try to help them and work together as a crew, remember you are not competing for the job.
When considering which preparation package to book consider how long it’s been since your MCC course. Our Essential 3 hour package is aimed at those who have recently completed an APS MCC on a 737NG type simulator. If it has been more than 3 months, or if your MCC was conducted using a different aircraft type, you should consider booking a longer session.
If possible, try to allocate a free day between your Assessment Preparation session and your Airline assessment, you can use the first half of this free day to absorb the advice and tips you have learned, and the second half of the day to relax and get some rest so that you are refreshed for the interview.


No, if you book a Single Pilot package we will provide you with a PM.

Normally yes, we usually have several cadets preparing for the same Assessment Interview so we can put you in contact with each other. Pairing with another cadet in a Dual Package is more cost effective as the price is split between two pilots.

Ideally 5 - 7 days notice. However please drop us an email to enquire, as we may be able to accommodate you on short notice.

No, Airline Assessment Preparation Courses are not regulated by EASA and as such we are not required to register as an Approved Training Organisation. Being an ATO is an expensive process which significantly increases operating costs – Our lower operating costs is one of the main reasons we can offer such affordable prices.

No, we are not registered as an ATO.
Our Flight Simulator is running on the industry leading Prosim 737 software which is a commercial product licenced by Boeing and has a data pack which is Type specific certifiable to EASA FTD 1 & FNPT II. Which is why we can guarantee the overall accuracy of our Flight Simulator especially with regards to pitch & power settings which are so vital for raw data flying. 

Additional Reviews

Had an airline sim preparation session at UPiLOT. Everything was well organised and I regained my skills after a long period of not touching the 737. I cannot recommend them enough. Even if you think that you will not learn anything new, you will be proven wrong :)

Google Review

K. Vella                 

Best preparation ever!


Google Review

A. Mennella                         

I got the positive email the day after the assessment.

For preparation I bought a session at UPiLOT. 

I strongly recommend them. It has been the best investment since I started my training. They prepare you very well, even before you arrive to Ireland!

Facebook Review reviewer               

I did training at upilot the day before a job interview and can safely say it was money well spent! Went into the interview feeling confident because of the preparation given to me by John. He is very friendly and has loads of knowledge to offer.
I thoroughly recommend booking a couple of hours to not only ease the nerves of the flying, but also for the other information given to aid in the technical aspect of the assessment.
Again, thank you John!

Facebook Review

Keanu K.  

Amazing experience and amazing instructor!
I chose UPiLOT to get prepared for a job interview, positive phone call few days later, I highly recommend it!
Very convenient pick-up service from/to the hotel.

Just GREAT! Thank you! 

Facebook Review

Niccolò L.                 

Attended the assessment last week, got the positive answer few days later.
I did a sim prep session at UPiLOT the day before, and its well worth it. Very good tips with a very high value for an excellent price.

Pprune Review reviewer                         

Came here for some interview prep and was delighted I came! Great sim with great instruction from John!

Positive email from company few days later, this place is a must for sim interview preparation!

Facebook Review

Dean M.                

I would definitely recommend UPiLOT, the instructor is excellent, he will teach you the exact profile and procedures that ryanair will ask you in the assessment, and he also sends you some excellent study material when you book your slot, couldn’t recommend him enough.

Pprune Review reviewer

I have done a UPiLOT brush-up before the interview:
as you already heard, the guy knows his stuff. He actually made me practice much more in those two hours than I was asked to do during the assessment sim. Money very well spent.

Pprune Review reviewer             

It was a great preparation and lots of fun.
Successfully passed the assessment,
thanks to John Paul

Facebook Review

Serhiy R.

I did a refresh on upilot, SOPs and procedures is the key in upilot, awesome tips for managing the aircraft and the guys is friendliest you will ever come across, very nice and well worth it.

Pprune Review reviewer                

Top service.

Great instructor and friendly attitude

Facebook Review

Gianluca V.  

I had my assessment yesterday and got the positive reply today.
The day before I went to UPiLOT, and honestly I can't recommend it enough...taught me more in 2 hours there than a $#@ chief pilot taught me in 6 hours on the 73 sim. Really great and affordable.
All the best to folks applying in the future.


Pprune Review reviewer               

I've had my assessment and successfully passed.

I went to UPiLOT for a 3-hour session the day before my assessment, and I have found it to be very good preparation
The guy is very nice and helpful, and will show you almost everything you need to know and which parts you need to prepare a bit better for the assessment day.

Pprune Review reviewer  

My application was successful and I'm booked on a TR starting in May........I flew to Dublin and assisted to a 4 hours sim preparation in UPiLOT the same day that I arrived. John, the guy from UPiLOT, will help you with everything you can possibly need. I felt that he knew perfectly how to do the preparation. Progressively, he was demanding better performance in the sim and CRM. That, together with several tips he gave me and a very friendly environment, were key for my success in Ryanair headquarters the next day. By far, the best single investment that I have made since I've started my ATPL studies. 

Facebook Review reviewer                

Preparation for a simulator assessment.
Incredibly professional, pushing you to learn and improve significantly.

Lots of tips and hints to perform at the level required for the assessment.
Not just simulator practice but also questions to expect and how best to answer them.

Invaluable for anyone - even if it’s just for fun!

Google Review

Ryan S.

I booked 2 hours at Upilot, had a wonderful experience.
Refreshed my CRM skills after MCC-JOC and practiced SID, ILS and interview questions style. He also sent me a preparation package in order to study before sitting in the sim.
I really recommend attending if you can, John really knows his stuff.

Facebook Review user                

I would personally recommend UPiLOT.
It's the cheapest I found and it's well worth the money.

His sim is nearly exactly like Ryanair's and the Instructor is very up to date with Ryanair's procedures.

Pprune Review reviewer 

I went to Upilot and had a 3hour session, absolutely recommended! I had no 737 experience from before so this was a must to do!

Pprune Review reviewer               

Really good experience and super professional.
Recommend it if you need to train or even just for fun.

Google Review

Mathieu M. 

Regarding our Assessment Packages:
We will endeavor to prepare you for your airline assessment to the best of our ability. Any advice, guidance or materials we provide to you is provided as is. Your primary source of guidance is that of the Airline you are interviewing with.
Canvassing Disclaimer:
We have no affiliation or connection with the recruitment, assessment and selection processes of any Airline.
Nor do we have any affiliation or connection to any individuals, contractors or employees that are in any way connected to the interview, assessment and selection process of any Airlines.
We do not offer any guarantees of success at your interview, the outcome of your interview is entirely your responsibility.

We are Hiring!
We are Hiring!

We are always interested in hearing from full-time and part-time Simulator Instructors who would like to join our team.
Minimum requirement - Commercial Pilot License (CPL)
Boeing 737 experience an advantage
Get in touch by sending a cover letter and your CV to

We are also interested in hearing from low hour cadets who are interested in part time work to gain simulator experience.


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